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'I believe the 50 Treasures of Kenya offer an exceptional opportunity to show Kenya’s hidden secrets to the world and at the same time promote tourism, conservation and local communities. I feel it is a fundamental step towards more sustainability in Kenyan tourism!'

Frank Wirth, Director Rhino Watch Safari Lodge

'I like the idea of the 50 Treasures of Kenya, it is good. In fact, they are doing a great job for Kenya as they concentrate on particular regions which require the marketing emphasis!'

Charles Maina, Sales & Marketing Manager Finch Hatton's

'The 50 Treasures of Kenya will make people know what Kenya really has to offer!'

Betty Olwenyi, Marketing Manager Mada Hotels

'Nobody has ever done something like the 50 Treasures before. It is unique and it does justice to the country of Kenya, because we ourselves, we don’t realize how lucky we are. These Treasures show the whole world in one country!'

John Kioko Mutua, Chief Executive Leisure Lodge Resort

'The 50 Treasures of Kenya are a powerful tool which can take Kenya into a different dimension!'

Juliet Wanjiru Nkonge, Director Dallago Tours

'The 50 Treasures try to do justice to Kenya and its overwhelming diversity. But what is even more important: It offers parastatals, government institutions and the tourism industry a powerful tool to promote business and reach their targets!'

Hartmut Fiebig, Chairman The 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust

'The 50 Treasures of Kenya are a very innovative tool to bring more customers to Kenya. It offers the tourism industry a plus plus value!'

Joào Carvalho, Managing Director Ocean Village Club

'It is a good concept and definitely a vital support for market areas which are not part of the normal tourism circuits!'

Torben Rune, Managing Director Southern Cross Safaris