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#44 Kakamega Forest

Almost halfway between Kisumu and Webuye lies a unique natural gem in the crown of Kenya's nature reserves: the enchanted forests of Kakamega and South Nandi, which form the precious remnants of what once was a mega forest stretching from the Congo basin to the Indian Ocean. Being the only patch of tropical rainforest in Kenya, Kakamega boasts a high number of endemic and rare plant and animal species, such as the grey parrot and the De Brazza monkey. Birdlife and butterflies are in high numbers and the impressive vegetation provides the ideal ambiance for nature walks along one of the many hiking trails under the thick canopy. With the Weeping Stone of Khayega, the local sport of bullfighting, a number of small gold mines and Kakamega town, there are more attractions in the region which are worth a visit.