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The Campaign

The 'Treasure Kenya!' Campaign

In conjunction with various other stakeholders, the Trust drives the ‘Treasure Kenya!’ Campaign which reaches out to Kenyans and people abroad. It comprises of social media activities and events such as exhibitions and live shows. The campaign is meant to create better knowledge about Kenya, make more people travel the country, raise support for the protection of Kenya’s natural and cultural heritage and proudly celebrate 50 years of independence.

The 50 Treasures of Kenya are NOT a private affair! Their goals can only be achieved with the input of people from all walks of life. Wananchi and friends of Kenya are invited to take up ownership and make the 50 Treasures of Kenya THEIR project. In fact, there are endless possibilities to get involved.

Tell others!

The bigger the crowd that knows about the 50 Treasures of Kenya, the greater the impact we all together will create! Tell friends and like-minded people about the 50 Treasures, share it through Facebook, follow us on Twitter, book our newsletter and become part of a movement for a greater Kenya!

Choose and share your personal Treasures!

Do you love going out on safari? Are you into cultural activities? Do you have something you cherish and think it ought to become part of the 50 Treasures? Then choose and share your personal Treasures of Kenya with us! The best entries will be presented on our social media and rewarded with attractive prices such as free tickets for the launching event of the 50 Treasures of Kenya, our postcard series, the much sought after 50 Treasures of Kenya merchandise and others.

Commit your skills to advancing Kenya!

Making the 50 Treasures of Kenya a tool for advancing Kenya is a massive task which requires people with expertise and spirit. We are on the lookout for senior experts in any field who are willing to contribute some time to the project on a charitable basis. Others might have interesting contacts to people, companies or organisations who could be of help in one way or the other. If you are willing to commit some of your time, skills, ideas and/or contacts to advancing Kenya, please drop us a line!

Explore Kenya with us!

In order to collect update information and document the 50 Treasures in full, we are frequently going out on research trips all over Kenya. In most cases, we have one or two extra seats to be filled. If you are looking for a chance to experience Kenya in depth and you have skills in writing, filming, photography, organising or knowledge about a specific region of Kenya, then you might like to come along and share the Treasure spirit with our team. In this case, kindly send us an email with some information about you and we shall respond.

Support the work of the 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust

If you are a proud Kenyan or a friend of Kenya and you would like to support the work of the 50 Treasures of Kenya Trust, we are happy for any financial and in kind support you are willing to give. In this case, please write us an email to learn how to donate and which items are most need at the moment to facilitate our work!